Discover the World of Colourbleed!



Freedom Fighters enclave. This was a happy place where songs were sung of joy, freedom was expressed through love and colour was painted across the souls of all who lived there.

Then one day an army of the Leader’s Guards descended from Hell and obliterated Blue Sea1. Men, Women and Children were forced to dig their own graves – before being Colour Bled, a method of sucking all the joy, laughter and colour out of their bodies. Leaving nothing but hollow shells to cascade down into the fresh graves bellow.

At the time of the attack, John was searching the nearby woods for food – and so escaped the destruction. However, he witnessed it all from his hiding place. He saw his parents’ final moments of pain as their daughter, and John’s sister – Little Sister Annie was extinguished from this world. Before they were also destroyed.

After what seemed like hours, John ventured out and began to run – to run as fast as he could.