Discover the World of Colourbleed!

In addition to the main, three part Colourbleed journey is this Alternative Reality Story

John’s Dream

John = John

Becky = Becky

Angel = Loose Lips

DJ = Screaming DJ

Jester = Chaos Dancer

John’s Back


The queue outside the nightclub is a hundred deep with every colour creed every aspect of youth just screaming to enjoy themselves. At the head of the queue stand two bouncers with a drag queen called Angel in between them. Everyone idolizes Angel who is the most stunningly glamorous person on earth standing there like Marilyn Monroe in the “Seven Year Itch”. Angel is dressed in a long white dress, with small angel wings on the back – embodying glory beyond proving that heaven can exist on earth. Angel is the doorway between acceptance and the local boozer with one-tone shirts and DJ Look at Me. Everyone in the queue is desperate to get in. Everyone wishes they knew Angel, but there is an air of separateness around Angel’s shoulders. Angel is the gatekeeper who lets in people who are glamorous cool hip and trendy enough. The dress code is fashionable / eccentric / anything goes – if you look cool then you’ll get in. If you can run across the North Sea and survive then you’ll get in. If you can fight without love then you won’t get in. If you’re weak but proud you will, but if you’re strong and shallow you won’t. If you’re the Devil’s child then survive glory days and you’ll be redeemed. They try anything and everyone does simply everything to walk through that door. The two bouncers next to Angel are the enforcers of right, they are the might against shite, they both love Angel and hate everyone else. The two bouncers are dressed in white suits bow ties and Matrix sunglasses. The doorway itself is a simple unassuming black doorway with a small sign above the door Angels in blue neon that sparkles in the sunset.

If you manage to gain entry then paradise awaits.

On entry everyone is given an ultraviolet wristband, a packet of confetti, a packet of condoms and a shot of Tequila – you don’t get in unless you accept all gifts and drink.

The queue is made up of regulars / newcomers and everyone else – desperate to get into this night. The freaks of nature that are in this environment accepted – they rule the palace. It’s Punk to New Wave to Hip Hop to Disco to New York Cool to fucking everything and everyone just having a laugh. They’re all just baying for the next 48 hours of pure joy and enjoyment. They scream and shout, cry and wave, desperate for the thrill for the excitement for the fucking laugh that awaits them.

A gang of boys are turned away. Some underage girls get in. A boy who’s dressed like Dr Crippin is let in. The local kayak team have brought their canoes and they’re let in. A stripper a housewife whores are all let in.

John stands there mouthing hello to certain people whilst ignoring others. He knows the people that matter and doesn’t care about those that try. He hates people that try – just be. They crowd around him like ravens on a cottage, pecking information from him.

Crowd of Ravens:

Fuck me John what a lovely day it is to see you… To scream with you… To want to be your lover… To want to be with you… To run through ashen filled dreams with you… To fucking have a laugh speed on life… Because tonight won’t be just any night… Tonight is going to be alright I told you so… Where have you been? What have you been doing? Who knows what tomorrow brings? But who cares when the sun arrives in the minds of nobody and shines through the sunset of our times… This time… John’s time…I can’t fucking believe it’s you…Who the fuck is it? It’s John… Who’s John? Who the fuck are you to ask who John is – and who the fuck are you anyway? John I fucking missed you… And I did… And I did… And I sort of did… And I… Please reach forward with love towards us all because now will be the one moment in all our lives when Angels once again becomes the fucking pleasure beyond our wildest dreams. You’re a fucking omen man. A FUCKING OMEN MAN.

John palms off a few, discloses some more to others, and is rude to the rest. But he feels like he’s back – back in the pocket the hole the sanity of others company. He can reign again if he wills it to happen.

John gets into a friendly fight with a bloke in front of him. They shadow box each other, land a few choice digs, and lay into each other with the supreme talent of friends who are proving who is king and leader. John starts to lose but then the crowd buoys him onwards and he manages to defeat his opponent with gusto and spirit. At the end they hug each other tight tightly.

- Good to have you back John.

- Good to be back mate.

The crowd cheer and surge forwards. The camera is lost in the crowd until it’s rescued by Becky and the girls. They’ve been watching the proceedings with both enjoyment and disdain, with admiration and petty mockery. Becky stares at John for a moment too long.


He’s alright isn’t he?




Well I wouldn’t go that far.


What – you’re kidding right!


So that’s the one for you then is it.


Piss off.


Why not?


I don’t know – out of my league, can’t do it, won’t do it, scared to do it. Look I just can’t be arsed.


You’ve got to let the past go Becky.


“Forget regret or life is yours to miss”.


That’s deep.


I heard it in a musical.


That figures.


Look fuck it let’s just have a laugh and fucking dance.

With that Becky runs at the crowd in front of her screaming with delight. Bethan and Lisa look at each other for a second and then think fuck it and join Becky in the scrum towards freedom and oblivion. The camera is left behind to stare at this amalgamation of freaks and geeks and normality crossed with weirdness sharing hands with musclebound sexuality. This is madness in all its glory. An improvised party in the street. A million a thousand an infinity of people who quite simply are up for something and everything, who’ll do anything to achieve salvation in Angels the Palace of Delights.

The camera pauses and then rushes around the crowd, battling it’s way to John who has arrived at the front of the queue.

Angel looks at him and is about to get the bouncers to throw John out but then suddenly rushes down and kisses him. The people around John can’t believe the reaction he has garnered.

- Well if it isn’t the most gorgeous man in my life. We thought you’d died.

- Kind of.

- But like a phoenix from the flames you rise again.

- Maybe, I hope so.

- Alone?

- Yeah.

- Not for long darling with your looks and your charm they’ll be crying at your feet.

- Well…

- And if they don’t you can always come back to me.

- You know you’re the only one for me.

- Flattery will get you everywhere.

- I should be so lucky.

- Yeah you should.

- Any one new?

- Yeah there’s a few.

- How much is it now?

- John John you never have to pay you know that – you’re always my guest.

- Thanks Angel.

- I’ll see you in there.

John gives Angel a kiss and goes into the nightclub. The camera follows him inside.

There’s a dark corridor. In front of him is a gate covered with stars. In front of the gate stands an Old Man holding a sack of presents. The camera feels a strange familiarity and affability with the Old Man, but can’t understand why. The camera is relaxed and happy. The Old Man gives John a toothy grin.

- Hi John.

- Hi Papa.

- Ready for your gift?

- I think it’s time.

The Old Man gives John his pack of goodies and a glass of tequila. He pockets the confetti and condoms. He wears his wristband drinks the tequila and then moves on to the gate. He pushes his arm forwards and the gate reads the ultraviolet band and he’s given entrance. The camera is about to follow him when the Old Man stops it in its tracks and gives him a stern look. For a moment the camera is scared that it might be refused entrance – but then the Old Man brings out a pack of goodies and gives them to the camera. The camera nods in relief and follows John through the gate and into a small grotto carved in granite. There are small fish tanks inbuilt into the granite. These tanks hold tropical fish of every colour known in the universe of pleasure. They are happy and contented. In front of the fish stands a man in with a small keyboard. He is wearing a rhinestone suit and a cowboy hat. When he speaks he plays kitsch chords on the keyboard. He is the keyboard and the keyboard is him. He is the Fishstick Man. Fishsticks are new to John.

Fishstick Man:




Fishstick Man:



What are fishsticks?

Fishstick Man:

Oh they’re great, they’ll give you loads of energy for tonight.



Fishstick Man:

No honest now they’re better than any drug and best of all they’re legal – the government hasn’t caught onto fishsticks yet.



So what are they?

Fishstick Man:

Solid strips of white fish.


Like sushi?

Fishstick Man:

But bigger more intense and without the rice.


How much are they?

Fishstick Man:

To you my friend I’m sure I can give you a good price.


I’ll take two.

Fishstick Man opens up the front of the keyboard to reveal an oven in Perspex which holds two perfectly formed solid pieces of white fish around three inches long. The Fishstick Man then wraps the fishsticks in yesterday’s glamour pages and gives them to John. John tries to pay for the fishsticks but the Fishstick Man shakes his head.

- You’ll never have to pay John.

- You sure?

- You’ve paid enough. Take care John good to see you again.

- Thanks and you take care too.

As if to answer, the Fishstick Man plays the opening chords to “Gold”. John smiles in recognition, he turns to the main club doors. He pauses for a second and eats both fishsticks. His body and mind suddenly convulse in thrilling opportunities. The music begins to flood through the inspired gaps in the doors. John takes a breath. And for a second every decision he’s ever made is catalogued and discussed. And then when he’s at peace with himself he’s ready to venture onwards. And John walks through the doors.

He’s in a long black corridor. There is no light except for flashes of brightness every now and again. There’s a wind machine creating a windswept atmosphere. And from every direction hands reach through the black velvet walls and touch John everywhere. It’s the ultimate trip – the ultimate sensory experience. A theatre for the blind. As he continues to walk he hears a thousand voices voices in the darkness.

“Come and experience life beyond life… fly through the air and scream towards oblivion. This is our dream our time / now time / a time to spend your money and while away the hours doing everything that is yours… Everything that people crave… the highest mountain… the greatest achievement since mankind flew to the … fuck me … you know you want it… my children my way of life my feelings… I’m Spartacus… no I’m Spartacus. Please release me let me go ‘cause I don’t love you anymore. If you don’t want me to destroy you… Our Father who art in Heaven… Heaven… Feel the beat all the world can be yours if you dance…Dance… DANCE… give me your soul to dance… sell me your thoughts to dance… feel the vein… feel the light… feel the dance Fly with me FLY WITH ME… Come on down the dance is right the dance is fucking right… oh yeah Oh Yeah OH YEAH BANG BANG BBBAAAANNNNNGGGGGG >>>>>>>>>>>…”

John finally reaches the other side and goes through the doors into the main club.

John and the camera stand at the top of an ornate staircase with a Court Jester standing next to them. The staircase is the mark of grandeur with carved wood and a red carpet leading down into the main arena. The Jester stands to attention.

He is wearing an immense flowing harlequin outfit that seems to be living and breathing within his skin. At every moment, at every new look, at every new thought the colour of Jester’s clothes shifts into another dimension and another paler shade of belonging. He is a semi-tone beyond everybody’s expectations of life. A prophet without a following. His white white face betrays an innocence of anything but the shattering reality of life beyond life. He smiles at John. John smiles at him. The Jester bows to the camera. The camera is shocked, but is comforted as the Jester winks his right eye and raises his left eyebrow. The camera bows to the magic sprite and then turns back to John.

John looks out on the view that greets him. He is amazed as always at what he sees. The camera follows John’s gaze around the club with innocent wonderment. There are a million galaxies woven together to create the world that sparkles in front of his eyes. The main areas are split into four elements of earth water air and fire. And each area represents a sentient acknowledgement to each elemental deity.

To his left stands the element water. There is a palace of ice with a pool of swans basking in the glory of its light. The palace is a fairy tale castle with large towers that stretch as far as the eye can see. A hot air balloon floats in the air outside the middle tower and people are jumping from the tower and onto the balloon. Once they’ve arrived they dive into the pool below. A mermaid floats in the water catching all eyes. Thousands of tiny kites are released from the windows of the palace and in their turn drop confetti on the crowd below. The crowd revel in the purity of the atmosphere and all who dance here are dressed in white white sparkles. A cherub is sitting on a cloud collecting wishes and firing cupid’s arrows into couples below.

To John’s right stands the complete opposite of waters purity for here lies the depravity of the element fire. A large bonfire is burning in the middle of a sea of molten larvae. Naked bodies writhe around the fire painted with tattoos of symbols long forgotten through aeons of time. Wolves parade on a level above the bonfire baring their fangs for all to see. Small birdcages, that contain human bodies screaming with delight, hang from the rafters. Fire breathing dwarves march around encouraging all to dance and behold the glory of it all. Circling above is a fire-breathing dragon who snorts out fire at moments of that ultimate thrill seeking high. Above the wolves motorbikes are going around and around in a circle of death. An ultimate fighting contest is being played out with rubber hammers and the crowd is baying for blood. It is a writhing orgy of sexual passion and erotic invincibility that surrounds the element of fire.

In front of John stands the element of air. A flying mass of planes people and places. Large banners show flying machines not yet dreamt of. In the middle of the melee flies Leonardo’s gyrocopter – dropping gifts of water on the eager clubbers below. A trapeze wire stretches through this land and streams of people run across and perform wondrous magical acts that dazzle the eye. Suddenly two parachute onto the waves of people. A tidal wave floods one part of this world. A large storm blows everybody over only for them to stand again and then fall again to stand and fall that is the clubbers lot. A massive bouncy castle takes the centre of the floor with people bouncing higher and higher searching for that one moment of weightlessness. Clowns ride unicycles and are lifted into the air by bungee jumpers. Fairies fly around the world dropping fairy dust on all below.

And finally, at the bottom of the stairs stands the world of the element earth. Here is the main bar seating area and dance floor. It’s a myriad of various land formations – from rock to grass to concrete to sand. The bar is carved out of solid granite with holes that contain parrots of every colour of the rainbow. The bar stewards are dressed in silver whilst serving people roller-skate and skateboard through the seating area dropping off complimentary plates of food and lollipops. The people on the dance floor are the clubbers of a generation of all generations. They’ve pushed the boundaries of taste and fashion and are an existential amalgamation of freedom and spirit. They are the lost boys and golden girls who’ll never let a night like tonight go to waste. Lights flood the atmosphere spinning patterns like spider webs in front of John’s eyes. Every colour is represented every rainbow is deviated.

Above all of this in a cube suspended above the middle of the dance floor is the DJ booth. It is made out of platinum and it’s form changes and adapts with the record playing. There are two massive angel wings of swan feathers coming out of the sides of the booth and a large neon blue halo hangs above it. It presides over the club. The DJ himself is dressed in brilliant silver so that he blends with the sparkle of the booth. He is another part of it all a flavour of every person’s dreams and sweat from within the club. If a song screams pain from the crowd then he is pain incarnate. If a song screams pleasure then his ecstasy is unparalleled. His suit is silver, his hair is silver his skin is silver his dreams are silver and his voice speaks silver words. Oh and he wears silver shades. He is mixing spinning scratching like the coolest devil ever to come out of Santafé. Every piece he plays carves shadows in the moonlight that takes the crowd further and further towards an euphoric future.


Enter this palace of delights.                                                                                     Anything goes as long as it flows.                                                                        Let it take control, reach into your soul                                                            and find that vein of perfection.

Let us take you on a rollercoaster ride     through your wildest fantasy.           Find the girl or boy of your dreams and ride the waves of our music. We’ll take you up and down,                         round and about – controlling your every need.

If you believe in me I will forgive you.

Offer me your destiny and you will be saved.                                                                                                                                Return to the flock and we will return your lives.                                                     Come back to what you know – let the music flow                                                                         through your veins and into your brains                                                                                    and all will be well                                                                                                ALL WILL BE WELL.


The music builds to a crescendo and then onwards. The crowd raise their arms in ecstasy. For a moment every element is in harmony with each other – it is the point of orgasm. And then shuddering relief. And then it starts again.

John turns to the Jester who is now wearing a thorny crown.

- It’s kind of cool isn’t it?

- We’ll take you further than you’ve ever been before.

- Come back to what you know eh?

- Welcome home John.

- It’s good to be back.

John walks down the stairs and into the crowd. The camera says goodbye to the Jester and follows John down. As John walks around people recognise him on every side – with warm greetings for an old friend returned to the fold.

He is happy. He is contented. Home at last.

The Seven Dwarves dance past him being chased by Snow White. Two men run past him with a car door from the Dukes of Hazard car.  There is one big outpouring of friendship an orgy of people carrying a friend on their shoulders only to throw them down when the music calls them back. The camera stares at the DJ mesmerised by his voice and actions – he’s a binary movement moving beyond the speed of the brightest light. His voice is moving his lips like a humming bird using it’s last ounce of effort to stay alive mixed together with the paradoxical energy of stillness and serenity.


Hey what are friends for?

Fishing?    Secrets in your bedroom?    A cheer me up when you’re feeling down?          Yeah right, what you give is what you get – futility in a playground of humility. Trust no one except the music. The music will never let you down,                           let it take you to that higher plane,                             above all this shit about friendship.                       Friendship – Friendshit.

             I’m your one and only there’s nobody you’d rather be.

Stay with me and it’ll all be hunky dory                                                                                     – leave and who knows what’ll happen.

Well, you never can tell can you?                                                                         Make love to the music and I promise you’ll come again                                     and again and again.

From the dance floor Becky, Lisa and Bethan dance past John without seeing him at all. John goes to follow them, but a large domino man – half and half in black and white drags John onto the dance floor. The camera leaves John, and rushes past people towards the girls. It finds them standing in pious religion at the bottom of the fire elemental. Three oiled muscle-bound Adonis wearing thongs come out of the fire to answer their prayers. The girls thank the Lord of Fire and take an Adonis each. The girls sit down on a larvae rock that falls at their feet. The Adonis worship these girls and they lust after them. They pamper the girls with every tantalizing tool available and those not even dreamt of yet. They offer them grapes and writhe against their bodies. The camera is envious as the girls enjoy this sensation of pure pleasure.

- It’s fantastic isn’t it?

- I love it.

- Forget everything and travel onwards…

- Upwards.

- Oh fuck me yes upwards.

- Nothing prevents anything.

- No nothing.

All of a sudden a Punch and Judy show begins behind the girls. A small crowd rushes through the girls towards the show. The final members of the crowd sweep the girls up from the Adonis’ – they scream in protest but eventually settle down to watch the show. It’s a traditional style Punch and Judy show – with sausages and babies galore. The camera admires the gaiety of the situation for a minute as life is played out in front of it. It feels a breath of air on its lens and sees John standing there admiring. He waits with the camera for a second and then walks past the camera and goes to sit down in the seating area. The camera follows reluctantly. As John sits down Rollergirl skates up to him. Rollergirl is dressed in a sparkly platinum American cheerleader outfit. She skates at speed and with precision, avoiding the revellers around her. She is beautiful in her waif like, faun like, demeanour. Her hair flows around her head in a windmill of gold, spinning tales of myths and legends from the grounds of Angels’ boudoir. She is the eyes and ears of it all – she knows everything and is everything. Everybody wishes that they could talk to her, to be with her, to join with her in her race against the world. Everybody pretends to be her golden chain – her dancing shoes her conga line. But nobody has got that close to feel the air of her breath. Nobody has got to the edge of the abyss and crawled within her shelter. Her warm embrace. Except for John. Except for John. She sees him, pauses for a moment, and then her speed evolves into slow graceful moments of touch feel and knowing. She has cried for John.

- I can’t believe it – John.

- Rollergirl.

- Where have you been John?

- Here and there – needed to clear my mind.

- Yeah I heard – sorry.

- It’s OK. Anyway how are you?

- You know me up and down…

- And round and round.

- You remembered.

- How could I forget?

- Thanks.

- It’s OK memories are all I’ve got left.

- Missed chances and lost dances.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Pause – they stare at each other and smile.

- Anything you fancy?

- Well…

- But I’m not on the menu.

- Sure?

- Well maybe for you.

- So what else is there then?

- Life the Universe and Everything.

- And to eat?

- Dreams and Futures.

- Does is take away trauma and tears?

- I can’t guarantee it but…

- I’ll take it all.

Rollergirl smiles and winks. When she winks a star is born. She pauses for a second a moment where she reflects on all that has been. On dreams she’s had that have been wrong. She feels the pain again looks at John and feels strong. Rollergirl skates towards the light that she has created. John sits there smiling and remembering. Suddenly an enormous Transvestite bounds over to John with a stunning girl in leather in tow. The Transvestite hugs John to near death.

- I thought you’d never come back.

- I nearly didn’t.

- I know it was bad for you.

- The worst.

- But fuck her right.

- Yeah right.

- You remember Dolly don’t you?

- Of course hi Dolly.

- Hi John.

Dolly leans over to John and kisses him passionately on the lips.

- Welcome back.

- Thanks – so is the old gang still here then?

- Yeah they’re still here and there’s the constant stream of virgins to play with.

- Same old tease.

- Of course – you on the shark then?

- I think I’ve forgotten how to do it.

-You could never forget how to do it John.

- What you trying to say?

-Well we better go and leave you to it

- I’ll see you later John.

-Yeah hopefully.

The Transvestite and Dolly walk away.

John sits there and stares out at the distance. The camera looks at John for a second but is then dragged up to the DJ booth and to the DJ’s face his lips his eyes his pores his all. He flows with his speech.






fight to win –

a government fuelled pathway towards social acceptance

Go the distance or at least lie.

Come on!



Well, well. Brief encounters

change and adapt as the music

takes you over,

what price are you willing to meet

before the end of the night and the street come again?

Look at that sexual energy go!!!

Lights. Camera. Action!

Fuck I hate films – arrogant wankers.

Music is your religion is your salvation

and I am the prophet

the messenger and my message is

– “At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew,

go out and round up all who know more than they do”.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

go out and get them while you can

the more the merrier fuck the rest

surround yourself with social acceptance

and the world will be a better place.

Smile and be happy you are one of the accepted ones.

The camera is thrown slingshot by the DJ into the crowd. The camera finds some solace from Becky, Bethan and Lisa who are in the middle of the dance floor. Their arms are outstretched to the DJ box screaming in silence for the gift of passionate ecstasy that’ll take them higher and beyond. They are in the middle of a hundred a thousand a million people crying out for salvation and outpouring joy unbounded. For a second the camera joins this adulation and is then drawn into reality and twists upwards towards Angel. Angel is standing on the balcony with the Jester watching the proceedings.



They are the future the Now the Tomorrow the Everything. They are the power.


Enough to change the whole fucking world.


Yeah and it’s all here. It could topple society countries worlds in an instant. Fuck it all in an instant. This is a moment of forever future.


I stand here with a beautiful snowdrop in my hand flowering with the energy of a room full of strangers who love each other. And this snowdrop could and will become a field of white white surroundings to glorify the nature of life the beauty of existence the amazing fantastic brilliant exciting every fucking thing.


“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being”.


True but…



But what?


There is one stab of darkness within this euphoria.


Ah yes I see my child – he was and is lost and needs to be found.

Angel descends the stairs towards John. The Jester is left on his own for a second.

- To die without living is not to live at all.

And he dives off the balcony into the welcoming crowd.

The camera follows the Jester’s flight through the air but over shoots its mark. It returns like a homing pigeon to John who is now sitting at the bar. He is holding a pint of lager and a glass of red wine. He drinks some of the lager and then tips the red wine into the pint of lager. He ponders existence itself whilst looking around the splendour of the nightclub. He talks within his mind.

- I see I see I see said the blind man who couldn’t see at all. I see golden lights shining through the darkness – people’s souls shimmering against a backdrop of a gaping chasm. I see the candle lit dreams of nothingness that each and every one of them exudes. The layers of lost moments and three-tiered wedding cakes. This myth that plasters their psyche with thoughts of hope and glory, and forward dreams that propel even the most coloured freedom to become black and white. To diversify a lie with pretence with pointlessness with thinking one thing but but but. SEE REALITY IS ANOTHER GOING ON THROUGH TODAY AND FINDING THAT TOMORROW DOESN’T EXIST. And finding that carrying on means accepting and accepting means without regret and the past becomes a memory. See yesterday is dead and tomorrow is alive and that when you step forward through the hoop of nothingness, of future filled tomorrow, then you’ll just go fuck it, it doesn’t mean anything anymore because what society wants me to breathe are thoughts of now. I’m fucking someone else now I’m pleasuring someone else now.

AND I’M NOT THINKING ABOUT YOU I’m not thinking about you.

Yeah right.

John stares into the eye of the camera.

- I’m sitting here in a bar full of strangers just wondering if I self-combusted now would they care about me or about themselves? And if they care about me – how can they when they don’t even know me? Is that the final selfless act to actually care about someone that you haven’t got a fucking clue who he or she is – human compassion in its greatness?

The camera ponders what John has just said. But is then shot up the bar like an age-old Wild West drink towards Becky and the girls. Becky is ordering drinks for the three of them. The Barman impresses everyone with his cocktail skills. He throws bottles in the air whilst catching the drink in his shaker. Ice appears from the heavens and finally when his dream is finished, one of the bird’s escapes it’s confines for a moment and drops a cherry and a cocktail umbrella from its beak. The Barman catches these perfectly in his prepared sugar glass. He recites a poem

Barman: à la Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

“So time in it’s passing

Draws each thing forth, with benefit

To men, and Reason

Bears each thing

Into the realms of light.

For, seeing in their minds how

One thing illuminates

Another, men reached the summit

Of perfection in the arts.”

The whole bar applauds then Becky orders some drinks.

-Three Barcardi Breezers please.

The Barman goes away to get the drinks.

A wannabe Casanova comes up behind Becky. The Casanova is dressed all in Denim and his hair is covered in grease and gel. He has an attractiveness about him that only the desperate and the pitiful would appreciate. The camera nearly laughs at his squalid state of affairs – but he reeks of confidence and opportunity, which is what Angels gives you. So the Casanova approaches Becky and speaks.


Shit you ordered that pint quickly – I was just about to ask you if you’d buy me a Mars bar.


What? Oh sorry.



Nah it’s alright – I wasn’t sure if I should get a Mars bar or a Snickers anyway.


Ah right.


What would you prefer?


I don’t know – Snickers I suppose.


Is that because you like the nuts?


Yeah I suppose so.


All kind of nuts?


Yeah except Brazil nuts.


Great so what’s your name?




Nice name.


Thanks – what’s yours?



Gareth – do you want to dance Becky?

The Barman comes back with Becky’s drinks


That’ll be a fiver please – it’s on promotion.



Becky gives the Barman a £5.00 note and picks up the three bottles. She turns to Gareth who thinks he’s pulled for the evening. Becky smiles at this creature in front of her.


Maybe another time eh lover boy.

Becky and the girls walk away with the camera leaving Casanova in his dejected pool struggling to breathe.

The girls fall about laughing – a giggling pack of hyenas who’ve just torn a carcass to shreds.

They drink their drinks and throw the empty bottles to a passing dwarf glass collector who’s dressed in a pink tutu and leotard, he does a spinning straddle jump and catches the bottles perfectly when he lands. He turns to the three girls, who wildly applaud, bows and then runs off into the night. The girls laugh as they run to the dance floor. The camera is about to follow but is pulled back into John’s world. John looks around the nightclub and sees something. The camera follows John’s eyeline and sees a gorgeous blond haired girl standing by a fountain of swans. She is beauty personified and allows John the chance at redemption. John breathes deeply trying to collect all of his courage and energy. He walks on and walks up to the girl. The camera follows him. John reaches the girl. She’s wearing a blue shimmer dress and is floating with the swans.







Nice swans.


Yeah they are.


Are you the gatekeeper?




You know Ghostbusters the gatekeeper and the key master.


Before my time.


Oh OK.


Do you want a drink?


I’ve got one thanks.


Right well.

John stands there for a moment nodding his head to the music. Suddenly Angel comes by and sweeps him off his feet.


Sorry darling he’s mine.


Oh my god you know Angel.


Like I said he’s taken.



Angel and John waltz off.

- Thanks.

- What’s the matter baby?

- I don’t know I just can’t do it anymore just can’t speak anymore.

- Then don’t talk just use those beautiful eyes of yours.

- I’ll try.

- Good. I’ll see you later John.

Angel pecks him on the lips and disappears into the club. John stands and stares at the dance floor searching for the perfect girl.

- I should just leave just run away just get out and wait by the phone in case you ring in case I’m not there when you want to contact me when you want to get hold of me when you just want to scream come back and I’ll run into your arms and I’ll be there forever and ever amen.

John is about to leave when all of a sudden the floor lights up in little pathway lights that lead to the middle of the dance floor – similar to those that guide the way in the dark in an aircraft aisle. John’s eyes follow the lights and he looks up at the most beautiful girl in the club in the city in the country in the cosmos. Smack in the middle of the dance floor is a

goddess on earth. For a second everything stops and he can feel the pull of desire dragging him towards the girl his one moment of happiness. It’s Becky. The camera follows all of his movements and hears his words.

- I only want to talk to her. I don’t care if I don’t ever see her again as long as I’ve said something to her.

John gets to the side of the dance floor.

- And the entire crowd parted like Moses and the Red Sea. And I walked right up to her.

John is standing next to Becky.


It’s a nice place isn’t it?

Becky looks at John.


Sorry that was bollocks. In the middle of this dance floor I’ve said to the girl of my dreams who was moving like an angel from heaven with the beauty to match, I’ve said to her that it’s a nice place isn’t it. Fuck shit tit wank I want to die – I want the floor to eat me alive. I can’t believe I’ve just said it’s a nice place isn’t it. Twat.

John turns to leave.


Yes it is isn’t it? Do you want a drink?


Yeah OK.

And Becky walks towards the bar with John following like an orphan brought in from the cold. Both happy but scared. Happy to have found someone but scared to have found someone. There is a moment when they are walking over when a stiltwalker crosses their path and bends down giving John a rose. The stiltwalker dances away. John turns to Becky with a befuddled look on his face.


Nice rose.


Yeah kind of – I think I’m meant to give it to you.


And the rose?

They both laugh.


Here you are.

Then he gives Becky the rose – she puts it in her hair, and they walk to a table.

- So what’s your name?

- Becky. What’s yours?

- John.

- I haven’t seen you before John.

- Oh I’ve been around.

- No I think I would have remembered you.

- I haven’t been here in a while a long long time.

The Rollergirl skates over.


Can I get you anything? Oh John it’s you – well I see you’ve found your dream now how about some future?






Oh you never can tell. See you later heartbreakers.

Rollergirl skates off.

- You know her?

- Yeah I know most of the people here.

- So you did used to come here then?

- Yeah it just got a bit too much that’s all.

- I know what you mean.

- Yeah it just turned a bit mad.

- This place? Yeah it just fucks with your head so much that without it I feel like my soul train has been derailed and I have to come back for more.

- Drugs hey.

- Euphoria and Happiness.

- The inevitability of life within Angels’ hands.

They stop and admire each other. The music starts to beat faster – a fluttering heartbeat of ambient chords – and the DJ speaks quietly but passionately above all.


“Do not think it unnatural

that when the flesh cries out,

the soul cries too.

The flesh cries out to be saved

from hunger, thirst, and cold.

It is hard for the soul to repress these cries,

and dangerous for it to disregard nature’s summons,

because the soul is accustomed to independence day by day.”

So let’s play some music and praise us all.

The whole club moves in slow motion as the DJ plays an uplifting spirit in the sky. The crowd step back into motion and fast-forward their lives with the dance. The camera swirls through this cascade of virgin movement finally reaching John and Becky. They’re both staring at each other. Their souls are mirrored in perfect harmony. Eventually the music reaches such a crescendo that the whole fucking place is praising being alive reaching into everyone’s psyche to colour the moment with dreams of forever. At the peak of the music and beyond the DJ drops another tune and the whole fucking place erupts in bodily joy and mental explosions.

The new music breaks Becky and John from their trance.


Oh my God!




I love this song.


Yeah it’s great.


I’ve got to dance to it do you want to come?


Yeah great.

They both get up Becky leading John practically running into the crowd’s arms moving to the middle of the dance floor. They start to dance – Becky breathing the music, John more reserved watching and admiring this vision in front of him. Slowly they’re lit by a single shaft of pure white light – like a jet of light from heaven. And all around them couples start to pair off together and kiss – it’s as if cupid’s arrow has penetrated the whole dance floor and the light radiating from John and Becky transforms everyone for one brief shining moment into a collective moment of joy. John and Becky look into each other’s eyes.

They kiss.


I’ll never forget this song now.


Do you remember the first time?


What do you mean?


The song that was playing the first moment when you realised that it all meant something.






Yeah I remember the first time.


They kiss again.



I’ll always remember this time.


This song?


This moment.


They kiss again


Then the shaft of light leads them to a corner table. John leads Becky to the table. The other dancers filter in behind John and Becky, and as they reach the table Becky turns and looks at the crowd – who are standing / waiting / expecting.


Thank you.

The crowd smiles, the music blares, and everyone begins to dance again.


Do you want a drink?


Yeah – Becks thanks.

Becky leaves for the bar. John sits down and smiles towards the camera – who recognizes his moment of relief. John looks towards the dance floor and the pure passion unfurled. Becky comes back with two bottles of Becks. John asks.

- Do you remember the first time you heard a song that meant something?

- What you mean?

- You know the first time you heard a song that just fitted the moment so perfectly that every time you hear it it brings back every feeling again.

-Yeah I do.

- It’s mad isn’t it?

- Yeah it is.

- Musical delight pulsating through your body sharing revealing the fucking bliss of being alive. For one song we have a background a foreground everything.

- And every time you hear that song you’ll remember that first time as clear as ice…

- As if you were breathing that experience once more there and then then…

- Every look every touch smile tear scream shout.

- And that’s one thing that they’ll never remove dissect electrocute tare rip suck out of you because it’s engraved in your psyche so deep that no fucker can get at it.

- The emotional rainbow of life encompassed in that one song in your song your memory you own it it’s yours – and it’s different for us all, different for us all.

- I thought that it was just me?

- Nah there’s millions of us out there.

- A big fuck off gang?

- Yeah a big fuck off gang.

- Do you want to be in my gang?

- What do I have to do?

- Nothing.

- Nothing?

-Well maybe a kiss would help your application.

- I thought you said I didn’t have to do anything.

- It’s just procedure.

- Oh OK then anything for procedure.

And as their lips touch a light shines throughout the whole nightclub. They kiss and kiss and kiss whilst the camera spins with ecstasy. It spins towards Bethan and Lisa dancing in the middle of the dance floor. They both see Becky and John and smile ecstatically at each other. The music gets faster and faster. Two of the Adonis come over and dance with the girls. As the music reaches its peak there is a moment of bright white light and the whole room begins to waltz. Bethan and Lisa turn to their partners who bow formally. They take their hands and start to kiss passionately in the middle of a sea of waltzing. The camera spins up to the DJ booth where the DJ stands crucified. The Jester is next to him.


Feed me freedom.                        Feed me every moment

every second of your lives.                                                                                                             Give my your all

and release yourselves into the ether                                                                                                 of future happiness             of future moments            of now.

“Do not think it unnatural that when the flesh cries out,                                                                         the soul cries too.

The flesh cries out to be saved from hunger, thirst, and cold.                         It is hard for the soul to repress these cries,                                                             and dangerous for it to disregard nature’s summons,

because the soul is accustomed to independence day by day.”


Give me freedom and feed me death. I shout your name in my mind and it burns calms sears soothes all. But then I am the fool.


“We do what we do because of who we are.

If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves.”


I walked down the street today and saw nothing but burning daffodils. Daffodils burnt – cinder filled buckets of torn yellow that used to sparkle to sparkle so much in the sun.

The DJ looks at the Jester with sad eyes and smiles.


The             sun             always             shines                         in             heaven.

The Jester stares at him for a second as if he’s about to answer – but then grabs a record and gives it to the DJ. The DJ throws it onto the deck and pushes the crowd ever further over the brink.








the                                     destined.”

The Jester throws a large bag of silver stars onto the crowd and the camera follows the floating particles down down into the waiting mouths below. The camera finds Angel standing at the edge of the ice palace watching the crowd. John and Becky are still kissing. Angel smiles with pleasure and is fulfilled. A cupid’s arrow strays off course and lands at Angel’s feet. Angel looks up at the cherub in the cloud who is apologizing profusely. Angel waves a hand as if to say that it doesn’t matter – the cherub smiles and carries on firing into the crowd. Angel stares at the arrow.

“Time has no existence by itself and it is only from the perception of things past, present, and future that the mind is aware of it. There never was anyone who had even a glimpse of time apart from the movement of things and the contrast of rest.”

And anyway love transcends all.

Angel looks at John and Becky who are staring into each other’s eyes. Angel raises the arrow and throws it at the couple. The camera follows the arrows trajectory until it hits the couple in the space between their eyes. The whole room flashes in white for a second and then returns to the world of the club. John stands up.

- Do you want to get out of here?

- Yeah.

- Let’s go…

- Are you the gatekeeper?

- Yeah and are you the key master?

- Of course.

They both get up and run through the crowd towards the entrance.

The camera flies upwards to see the couple run outside. They battle through with everyone wishing them happiness and a future. Everybody is happy and thrilled to see that John is back and that Becky has found someone. They run up to the main staircase and turn for a second to the crowd. They are hand in hand and raise their arms in triumph, the crowd cheer, and they run out of the doors. The camera quickly follows and sees that John has stopped by Fishstick Man.

Fishstick Man:

Do you want some fishsticks to accompany your evening of delight?


Two please.

Fishstick Man:

Here you are.

Angel walks over to the pair.


Do we get your blessing Angel?


Always. Look after him darling.




Two beautiful swans crossing my path in one night – I must be the luckiest boy alive.

Angel and Becky:


They all laugh and John and Becky run out into the street leaving Angel smiling with an edge of sadness. The camera stays with Angel. Angel walks back into the club and surveys the palace of delights.

- Maybe one day.

Angel pauses for a moment – the club pauses for a moment – the world pauses for a moment…

- Oh fuck it come on everybody.

Angel dives off the top of the stairs into the crowd who accept Angel with loving warmth.

The camera dives down onto Angel’s face smiling in the crowds’ arms.

- “Almighty God, we pray to you for all the people who come into this place. May their minds open to you in this church, according to the wish of its builders. May they have the desire to pray, each in their own way. May their minds open to beauty: the beauty of your creation, and the beauty created by man himself in art and architecture. May their minds open to brotherhood, for this church welcomes everyone it welcomes you all.”

Suddenly madness ensues and the club goes into override everything spins and moves and travels beyond the speed of light. Lights flash a million different colours and directions. People rise and fall and move and scream and push their bodies past boundaries that not even they thought existed. Every element drives a wedge of his or her own light and power into the centre that creates a moment of white white purity that gives all to everyone. The DJ mixes and plays and moves to a beat that’s faster than any rollercoaster. And in the middle of all of this the Jester stands peacefully waiting waiting waiting. Then he speaks.


And at the end of the night when all is said and done look up and you’ll feel that someone has been dropping tunes from Heaven and this big black room is full of Angels.

He bows and turns away from the camera. The screen burns like old film / old memories and is put to sleep.