Discover the World of Colourbleed!

Once upon a time, in Multicolour Land there were rainbows of colourful joy. Nature was bursting with colour that flowed through the fields, the grass, the sky, the animals – in fact every single thing in Multicolour Land, was Multicoloured.

Ruling over Multicolour Land, were the Rainbow King and Rainbow Queen – who were fair and good, and brought happiness to all the residents of the land.

Then, one day, the Rainbow Queen gave birth to a wonderful baby daughter. This child was special. She was special because – she held the power of the Multicolour Crystal in her eyes and everything she looked on turned a cascade of colour.

All was peaceful as laughter and happiness flooded through the land.

Then one day, the Colour Crystal Princess fell into a deep deep sleep – and as she lay on a bed of a million multicoloured roses, she slowly became crystal drawn.

To be crystal drawn meant that the Colour Crystal slowly devoured the Colour Crystal Princess – changing her into the living embodiment of the Colour Crystal

Many years go by, until one day – when the Rainbow King went to visit his sleeping daughter – that’s all he found was a sparkling Multicoloured Crystal resting in the middle of a bed of a million multicoloured roses, his daughter was no more…

And so was born – the Colour Crystal