Discover the World of Colourbleed!

A 3 part Transmedia Story that will create an enthralling, exciting, mind-blowing experience

High-octane dance performances are at the core of this enthralling transmedia experience that spans Film, an ARG, graphic novels, an online community and live events

Set in a future nightmare of constant streams of grey, sickening, pollution. This is a world controlled by the iron hand of a Fascist state and its evil Leader who hates all youth, and has destroyed the Colour Crystal that once shone a rainbow of colours across the land – Multicolour Land.

Multicolour Land was once a place where all the colours of the world shone across all – showering everything with happiness and joy.  Nature smiled as the sweet caress of freedom allowed individuality to explode in a firework display to end all – every day was a good day to live.

Instead all colour is banned, all forms of individuality are forbidden and the youth are forced to perform, daily, regimented dances in praise of the Leader.

Legions of young people are forced into a state of forced greyness, as they toil in the factories of the Leader – destroyed and defeated they only surface to dance their pre-programmed, twisted, adulation to the Leader

In this grey hell, the Leader ruthlessly enforces these laws with his deadly Leader’s Guards – an army of disciplined sadists ready to bleed all who defy

Yet some do fight back – the Rainbow Freedom Fighters. These are the young who defy the Leader with their individual dreams and expressive movements. Their clothes are adorned with plumes of forbidden colours – and they scour the earth fighting the Leader’s terror

Colour Bleed follows the journey of John – an orphan Rainbow Freedom Fighter, and Becky – Grey Worker #371, as they try to eradicate the World of Grey

Will they survive long enough to reawaken the spirits inside the Colour Crystal, and free the land? Or will the Leader bleed the whole world dry?