Discover the World of Colourbleed!

Grey Land

A sickening nightmare descended on the haven of Multicoloured Land

From the skies above came legions of evil Guards showering the world with hate and destruction

At the head of it all was the vile Leader. The Leader destroyed the idyll of Multicolour Land, by shattering the Colour Crystal into a thousand shards of light –

Reds bled into Greens that cried tears of pain into Blues that shattered into Oranges that crushed Indigos that trampled Violets into Nothingness.

That’s all that was left was a Grey Land

¨The Leader has built a Grey World that’s a sickening nightmare of factories coughing out pollution, rivers full of toxic waste and carcasses of once beautiful animals litter the streets

All Colour is banned, all individuality forbidden on pain of death and the youth are forced to perform a daily regimented dance in honour of the Leader